Work outside

A few admission places suitable for very big panoramic pictures were already known to us since longer time. We waited for ideal weather conditions and favorable avalanche relations. Then on the 1/22/2010 it could go off: The avalanche bulletin forecast favorable relations for the next day and also the weather should remain good up to the midday. The skitouring equipment as well as the photo equipment was checked the last time and was provided. Then in the daybreak of the 1/23/2010 we strapped on our tour ski near the Wagliseichnubel (approx. altitude: 1400m). Tripod, panoramic head, sun visors, a lens, the clothes as well as the food were stowed away in the backpack and the photo pocket with camera and two lenses were hung over the shoulder. Then we were on the way to to the admission place which lies about 600 m higher. While to climbing up we could observe three ptarmigans at close range and take photos.

Ptarmigans: They are bringing us good luck

Photographer with against 10 kg of photo equipment

Climbing up near the aim

After about 2:45 hours of climbing up we reached the rock head of the Türstenhäuptli (altitude: 2032m). Now between the ski depot and the admission place it was a matter still of overcoming a step in the deep snow. After a short break the stand was prepared for the tripod and the tripod was installed. In snow and ice a not always easy underpinned, because the tripod should not move during longer time. Today it should not move, while about 1000 photos are taken up.

The last metres before the admission place

During the admission (direction of east)

During the admission (direction of west)

 Finally, could be caught with nearly ideal external conditions (good view, practically windless, temperatures a little less than 0 degrees) against 1000 single admissions at 45 minutes. Besides, the camera was postponed for every admission by hand. The manual postponement of the camera requires a high concentration. To be able to raise this concentration after a climb of several hours is one of the challenges of my kind of the panoramic photograph.

After we had briefly rested at the summit we went back into the valley. Person and equipment got over the departure well.

We are fascinated by standing on a mountain and creating a panoramic picture with the self-carried photo equipment.

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