Directory of the places, , a virtual tour through the Swiss Alps and Switzerland, shows following marked places:

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LocationLabeled on images
Saanerslochflue, 1960mP013535, P013572
Saas FeeP007905, P007906, P001061, P002483
SaasgletscherP006630, P006632
Saashörner, 3039mP006380, P005492, P013192, P008291, P006630, P006632
Sackhorn, 3204mP005611, P008634, P008625, P008627, P008553, P008540, P008559
Saflischhorn, 2843mP010285, P010287, P013271, P003865
Saflischpass, 2563mP006783, P008390, P008391, P009987, P010285, P009254, P001334, P001335, P008559, P006470, P006807, P013703
SaflischtalP004090, P008390, P008391, P001332, P001334
Salbitschijen, 2981mP008221, P013641, P013652, P013648, P008214
Salbüel, 946mP006975
Salwidili, 1353mP014250
Sanetschhorn, 2923mP013535, P013993, P013991, P008756, P013998, P007781, P007783
Sanetschhorn, 2924mP007103, P007251, P001896
Säntis, 2501mP008943, P012125, P010731, P010733, P010737, P006031, P007856, P001896, P007186, P007181, P008857, P014261, P009747, P014263, P014265, P008703, P008705, P009751a
SarnerseeP010705, P014344, P010707a, P014253
Sasseneire, 3254mP013625, P008553, P008559, P013680
Sattelhorn, 2376mP012794, P007584, P008540
Sattelhorn, 3724mP008553, P013671
Sattelstock, 1769mP010731, P010733, P013924, P014344
Saxeten, 1131mP006704
Schaber, 951mP012181
Schache, 557mP007425, P007006
Schächentaler Windgällen, 2764mP007856, P007858
Schafarnisch, 2107mP007563, P007103, P013993, P013991, P007204, P007251, P013998, P007206, P007191, P007783, P007786, P007788
Schafberg, 2239mP007121, P007103, P013535, P007256, P013993, P013991, P014315, P007204, P007251, P013998, P014306, P007191, P007783, P007788
Schafberg, 2591mP006407, P006404
Schafberg, 2848mP013681
Schafhausen, 606mP007331
Schaflägerstöck, 2855mP004676
Schafmatt, 1979mP014037, P014032, P014182, P014151, P000672, P014055, P012814, P008681, P010705, P007711, P013924, P014218, P014261, P001391, P010707a, P014236, P014207, P014263, P014253, P008703, P008705, P014250
Schalihorn, 3974mP008268, P008274, P006761, P013625, P013375, P012897, P013372
Schalijoch, 3750mP008268
Schalleberg, 750mP007272, P007331, P005846, P007006, P006975, P002994, P007001, P007002, P009031, P002242
Schalleberg, 780mP007613
Schangnau, 930mP009863, P005154
SchaplerseeP001361, P008254
Schaplersee, 2237mP008390, P008391, P007341, P010609, P001362, P000811, P006174, P000774, P000096, P013703
Schärhorn, 3295mP001561a, P007856, P007858, P009747, P009743, P009742, P009749, P009752
Schärihubel, 2124mP006704
Scheideggwetterhorn, 3361mP010499, P008503, P004676, P004141, P000742
Scherbadung, 3210mP000752, P008374, P006226, P008390, P008391, P007347, P007341, P010609, P001361, P013708, P003177, P010285, P010287, P006174, P013625, P001332, P013271, P001270, P008291, P000774, P001334, P001335, P000517, P008595, P010469, P010468, P013703, P000362
Scheuchzerhorn, 3456mP013708, P006381, P013703
Schibe, 2151mP007103, P006890, P013535, P013993, P013991, P014315, P007204, P007251, P013998, P007206, P007191, P013572, P007783, P007786, P007788
Schibengütsch, 2037mP012263, P008111, P014037, P014032, P007566, P007613, P001721, P007272, P014182, P009641, P002431, P007331, P012173, P014063, P012125, P014061, P013802, P013543, P012243, P005846, P001699, P007563, P013798, P007006, P012181, P007052, P012565, P014041, P007071, P000682, P001720, P006962, P009031, P014151, P007013, P007061, P014065, P000672, P008746, P013535, P000658, P007584, P008503, P013950, P000640, P000623, P008681, P010731, P010733, P010705, P001787, P001790, P001561a, P006868, P007711, P000431, P000040, P010485, P013924, P012088, P012087, P000742, P005154, P006704, P014161, P010737, P006031, P001454, P008853, P007186, P007181, P009771, P008857, P007783, P010709, P001391, P014256, P014263, P014253, P014265, P014245, P008705
Schiberg, 2044mP009747, P009749
Schibespitz, 2060mP013535, P012087
Schijen, 2259mP007856, P007858
Schijenstock, 2888mP008214
Schijenstock, 3161mP006441
Schild, 1548mP014132, P014104
Schilt, 2318mP010499
Schiltgrat, 2123mP007524, P007521
Schilthorn, 2970mP007563, P008646, P003141, P007524, P007967, P008665, P007584, P008681, P000284, P000281, P014315, P004676, P007241, P007966, P007711, P000431, P010485, P010490, P001434, P007231, P005159, P006704, P014161, P008458, P012929, P007521, P007363, P014218, P014263
Schilthorn, 3122mP008374, P007347, P007341, P010609, P004028, P012353a, P013625, P008291, P000517, P007369
Schilthorn, 3402mP008059, P008055, P002501, P001061, P006791
Schimbrig, 1815mP014037, P014032, P007613, P014182, P008436, P012171, P012173, P010642, P012125, P007042, P007047, P013802, P012243, P013798, P012181, P007052, P000682, P001720, P014151, P007013, P014055, P008503, P014283a, P008681, P010731, P010733, P004676, P007241, P000040, P010485, P013924, P000742, P010737, P006031, P001454, P007856, P001896, P007186, P007181, P009771, P008857, P014344, P014218, P014203, P014261, P001391, P014236, P014207, P014263, P008705
Schinhorn, 3796mP002672, P000340, P001334, P001335, P006470, P006807
Schjienstock, 2888mP008232, P013641
Schlieren, 2830mP010731, P007856, P010709
SchlierengratP010731, P010733
Schlossberg, 3133mP007563, P007052, P010692, P010731, P010733, P001561a, P006868, P013924, P010737, P013652, P013648, P008214, P007856, P007181, P010709, P014263, P014265, P008703, P008705
Schmadrijoch, 3337mP007524, P007516, P007521
Schmelihore, 2312mP013535, P007584, P014315, P007204, P007206, P014306, P007191
Schnabelspitz, 1835mP000640, P010731, P010733, P010737, P010709, P001391, P010707a, P014263
Schnebelhorn, 1292mP009743
Schneehorn, 3178mP001372, P013625, P013671, P013680
Schneehorn, 3402mP007524, P007516, P007521
Schneehüenerstock, 2773mP008231, P008232, P013641, P013652, P013648, P008214, P009747
Schneestock, 3608mP006441, P013641, P013652, P008214
Schneiteberg, 656mP007408, P004485
Schneitgrat, 1960mP013991
Schnidehorn Vorgipfel, 2921mP013340
Schnidehorn, 2937mP008646, P007103, P013535, P013355, P013334, P007431, P007256, P007445, P013993, P013991, P008756, P007251, P013998, P007441, P007444, P008566, P008568, P013623, P013625, P008559, P006470, P006807, P013344, P013347, P001896, P014332, P001540
Schnidejoch, 2756mP013535, P013355, P013334, P013991, P013998, P008566, P008568, P013623, P013625, P013462, P008559, P013344, P013340, P013347, P013464
Schnierenhörnli, 2069mP007566, P014151, P000672, P003141, P000658, P008665, P008503, P014283a, P000640, P000623, P008681, P009863, P004676, P007241, P007711, P000431, P000040, P010485, P013924, P001434, P007231, P000742, P005159, P006704, P013890, P006031, P001454, P001391, P014236, P014263, P014245, P014250
Schoibhoren, 2684mP010516, P010524, P007706
Schönbielhorn, 3472mP009236
Schönbüel, 1808mP008665
Schönbühlhorn, 3854mP004028
Schönebueche, 794mP009031
Schonegg, 2219mP000742
Schönentüel, 848mP009031
Schongütsch, 2320mP010731, P010705, P010709, P014256, P014263, P014253, P014265, P014250
Schopfenspitz, 2104mP008646, P007103, P014082, P013993, P013991, P013998, P007781, P007783, P007788
SchrattenfluhP007563, P001896
Schrattenfluh, 2092mP008703, P009749
Schreckhorn, 4078mP008111, P007566, P012195, P012194, P009641, P007331, P012125, P007047, P012161, P013543, P012243, P009345, P007563, P013798, P012181, P007052, P009031, P007013, P007061, P000672, P008746, P012921, P012925, P006592, P010692, P013535, P014055, P000735, P008665, P014082, P000006, P012814, P000623, P008681, P009863, P014315, P000436, P008756, P001903, P001790, P004141, P001564, P001561a, P007241, P007711, P000431, P000040, P010485, P010490, P013924, P001434, P004324, P012088, P012087, P007231, P000742, P005159, P006704, P013890, P014306, P007191, P006031, P012929, P001454, P006381, P013192, P006622, P001177, P007931, P001270, P002427, P006642, P013703, P006630, P006632, P004105, P001896, P007186, P007181, P009771, P009774, P008857, P010709, P014218, P009747, P009743, P009742, P014236
Schribershueb, 792m, P009031
Schufelbüel, 781mP009066, P006975, P009031
Schufelbüel, 815mP006105, P007566, P005846, P007563, P006993
Schüpfenflue, 1721mP004551, P006890, P009791, P009795, P001787, P001790, P007783, P007786, P007788
Schüsselhorn, 805mP014132
Schwabhorn, 2347mP010485, P010490, P000742
Schwalmere, 2777mP012263, P012195, P012194, P009641, P002431, P012171, P012125, P012161, P013543, P007563, P013798, P014151, P008646, P008746, P003141, P008416, P013535, P000658, P007967, P008665, P007584, P009791, P010499, P000006, P012814, P000623, P008681, P009863, P000284, P009795, P001920, P014315, P000436, P008756, P007311, P001903, P001905, P001787, P001561a, P007241, P007966, P007711, P000040, P010485, P010490, P013924, P001434, P004324, P007231, P000742, P005159, P006704, P001372, P014161, P013890, P006031, P012929, P001454, P007186, P007181, P014218, P014261, P009743, P014236, P014263, P008705
Schwalmflue, 1939mP014302, P007206
Schwalmis, 2246mP007856, P014104, P014119
Schwand, 830mP007331, P005846, P006993
Schwanden bei SigriswilP012677, P012942
Schwändi, 848mP007613
Schwändiliflue, 1797mP014182, P014063, P007047, P013798, P007052, P014065, P000672, P003141, P000658, P014055, P000640, P010731, P010733, P010705, P007241, P006868, P007711, P013924, P010737, P006031, P001454, P010709, P014218, P014203, P001391, P010707a, P008705, P014250
Schwarzbergchopf EP003955
Schwarzbergchopf SP003953
Schwarzbergchopf, 2868mP007905, P007906, P001061, P006554, P006546, P001072
SchwarzberggletscherP006554, P006546
Schwarzberggletscher, Pt. 2693mP003955, P006546, P001072, P001066
Schwarzberghorn, 3609mP003955, P001066
Schwarzbirg, 2790mP007967, P007966, P008458, P007516, P007521
Schwärze, 2984mP004042
SchwärzegletscherP004042, P004048, P006758, P004036
SchwarzenbergP009831, P008705
Schwarzenberg, 1710mP008756
Schwarzhorn, 2659mP014055, P012353a, P013271
Schwarzhorn, 2786mP008416, P006295, P007998, P012088, P012087, P006301, P008374, P008056
Schwarzhorn, 2790mP013623, P013625, P013632
Schwarzhorn, 2928mP007956, P008646, P008746, P007967, P008665, P010499, P008503, P001452, P012814, P000623, P008681, P009863, P014315, P000436, P008756, P001903, P001787, P001790, P004676, P004141, P001564, P001561a, P007241, P007966, P006868, P007711, P000431, P010485, P010490, P004324, P007231, P000742, P005159, P006704, P013890, P006031, P007521, P001454, P007341, P000774, P009747
Schwarzhorn, 3105mP007584, P013625, P013633, P008553
Schwarzhorn, 3108mP006226, P008390, P008391, P007347, P010609, P000811, P001299, P005379, P010285, P010287, P005370, P009254, P006174, P005774, P007640, P007637, P001332, P012993, P001270, P008291, P010448, P001334, P001335, P008595, P000074, P000362
Schwarzhorn, 3201mP006783, P010609, P002501, P007905, P010413, P010416, P006791, P013271, P008559, P006807
Schwarzi Platte, 2975mP006783, P006791, P008559
SchwärziseeliP005433, P005429, P005425
Schwarzmönch, 2649mP007524, P000281, P000436, P008458, P007516, P007521
SchwarzseeP006758, P006761, P013390, P009236
SchwellenmätteliP008111, P012032
Schwemmebene, 2578mP012993, P000012
Schwendelberg, 1294mP004551, P014082, P007783, P007786, P007788
Schwidenegg, 2007mP013535
SchwyzP009747, P009743, P009742, P014145, P007797, P009749, P009752
Schynen, 1197mP001699, P007071
Schynenzinggen, 1317mP014151
Schynige PlatteP005159
Schynige Platte, 1967mP013774, P008665, P012814, P013890
Schynige Platte, 2076mP008746, P003141, P000623, P008681, P009863, P000436, P001903, P001905, P001787, P007711, P000431, P007231, P006595, P006704, P008458
Scopi, 3190mP013641, P004105, P013652, P013648
SedrunP013641, P013652, P013648
Seebergsee WP005097
Seebergsee, 1831mP007431, P007204, P007258, P007206, P007191
Seebergsee, Pt. 1948mP007431, P007256, P008756, P007204, P007251, P005097, P005100, P007206, P014306, P007191
Seeflüe, 2203mP003953, P003955, P006554, P001066
Seehore, 2281mP014063, P014061, P014065, P014302, P008646, P007121, P013535, P014055, P007256, P008665, P007453, P007447, P007445, P013950, P012814, P009863, P013991, P008756, P007311, P007204, P007251, P013998, P007441, P005097, P007258, P005159, P007433, P007206, P012942, P012781, P007191, P013572, P001540, P014207
SeelisbergP014132, P014119, P014145, P007797
Seelisberg, 923mP014104
Seetalhorn, 3037mP006783, P008056, P008059, P001061
SeewenP007874, P009742, P007797
Seewischhorn, 2760mP003181, P007341, P003185, P010448
Seewjihorn, 2733mP008390, P008391, P013271, P008595
Seewjinenhorn, 3205mP003953, P003955, P001072, P001066
Sefinenfurgge, 2612mP007524, P008416, P007998, P007966, P007516, P007521
Selibüel OstP012088
Selibüel WestP012087
Selibüel, 1750mP014037, P014032, P012195, P012194, P014182, P009641, P002431, P014063, P012125, P007042, P007047, P014061, P012161, P013543, P012243, P007563, P013798, P012565, P014041, P000682, P001720, P014151, P014065, P000672, P012794, P004551, P006890, P014055, P009791, P013950, P000623, P008681, P009863, P007311, P001905, P001787, P001790, P007241, P010485, P013924, P001434, P007231, P000742, P006704, P014161, P013890, P006031, P003326, P007783, P007786, P007788, P014218, P014261, P014236, P014253, P008705
Selispitz, 1736mP010731
SelzachP007186, P007181, P003282
Senfspitze, 3354mP010609, P008291
Senggchuppa, 3607mP008056, P008055, P010413
Setzehorn, 3061mP004028, P008291
Sewenseeli , 1689mP005578, P001391
Sex de la Sarse, 1626mP012842
Sex des Nombrieux, 1805mP009282, P012842
Sex Rouge, 2971mP000921, P013344, P013464, P001540, P001544
Sichel, 1679mP001903
Sickeregale, 2442mP007363, P000020, P008390, P008391, P007341, P010609, P008302, P001361, P009987, P010290, P013271, P009982, P009991
SidelenbachP007931, P007943, P005425
Sidelengletscher (Furka)P005433, P006622, P007931, P007941, P007943, P006642, P005429, P005425
Sidelengletscher (Nufenen)P006381, P006630, P006632
Sidelenhorn, 3217mP007931, P002460, P002463, P005523, P007943, P002419, P006642
Sidelhorn OstP002427
Sidelhorn WestP002419
Sidelhorn, 2764mP009976, P004676, P008374, P004054, P010609, P001361, P006215, P004211, P003661, P006380, P006381, P005433, P002330, P010387, P009949, P013192, P006622, P005490, P007931, P002460, P002456, P002335, P006275, P013271, P001841, P001270, P007705, P004250, P005523, P007700, P006642, P013703, P006630, P006632, P013652
Sieben Hengste, 1952mP012263, P014037, P014032, P007566, P012195, P012194, P001721, P014182, P009641, P002431, P007331, P012171, P012173, P014063, P012125, P007047, P012161, P013543, P012243, P005846, P007563, P013798, P012181, P007052, P012565, P014041, P007071, P000682, P006962, P009031, P014151, P007013, P014065, P000672, P008746, P003141, P008416, P014055, P013950, P000623, P008681, P009863, P000284, P009795, P014315, P000436, P001903, P007711, P000431, P000040, P010485, P010490, P004324, P000742, P006704, P014161, P013890, P001454, P008853, P007186, P007181, P008857, P014218, P014203, P014207
Signal de Belmont, 807mP009300
Signalhorn, 2911mP007363, P006783, P000020, P008374, P004054, P010609, P001361, P004028, P008566, P008532, P012286, P009987, P001362, P000921, P013623, P013625, P007905, P010413, P010416, P006791, P008553, P008540, P013271, P006807, P008595, P013340, P012897, P013671, P013680, P000017
Signalkuppe, 4554mP002501, P007905, P007931
SigriswilP012794, P007707, P012677, P007311
Sigriswiler Rothorn, 2034mP004551, P014055, P008665, P007584, P000006, P012814, P000623, P009863, P009795, P001903, P001905, P005159, P014161, P013890
Sigriswiler Rothorn, 2051mP012194, P012171, P012161, P013543, P012181, P014065, P013950, P007707, P014315, P012677, P010705, P014306, P014253
Silberen, 2314mP008943, P010731, P010733, P007858, P014104, P014119, P014261, P009747, P009743, P014207, P014263, P014265, P009752
Silberen, 2319mP001561a, P006868, P007856, P001391
Silberhorn, 3695mP012921, P012925, P007711, P010485, P005159, P012929
Simelihorn, 2751mP010499, P010485, P010490, P000742
Simelwang, 2617mP007563, P008746, P003141, P000735, P000623, P008681, P007241, P007711, P000431, P000040, P010485, P007231, P005159, P006031, P001454
Simmeflue, 1397mP012794, P000006, P007311, P012942
Sion/SittenP013625, P012897
Sirwoltehorn, 2845mP006783, P000020, P005549, P006818, P010413, P010416, P006791, P008553, P008540, P013271, P006807, P013671, P013680
Siwerbenhorn, 2764mP008203, P008192
Six du Samarin, 1592mP008566, P013623, P013625
Solhore, 2017mP012194, P013543, P014302, P009791, P009795, P014306
Solhorn, 2017mP004551, P007204, P007191
SolothurnP007186, P007181
Solvayhütte, 4003mP013372
Sonnighorn, 3487mP006783, P006791, P003953, P003955, P008559, P013671
SörenbergP006031, P014236
Spähnhörner, 3146mP001066
Spaltenhorn, 2526mP007966
Sparenegg, 1055mP006975
Sparrhorn, 3021mP002672, P007363, P006783, P000020, P008374, P007347, P007341, P010609, P001361, P004028, P001362, P009254, P001177, P010413, P010416, P001855, P000012, P008291, P008254, P000774, P006807, P000074, P000096, P000017, P007369, P013703
Spechhorn, 3189mP003953, P003955, P006554
Speer, 1951mP007856, P007858
SpiezP012794, P007311, P000431
Spillgerten, 2476mP013798, P014302, P008646, P007121, P007103, P006890, P013535, P013355, P014055, P008654, P007431, P007256, P012814, P013991, P014315, P008756, P007311, P007204, P007251, P013998, P007441, P007444, P007258, P012942, P012781, P014306, P007191, P013572, P013344
Spittellamm, StaumauerP010516, P010518
Spitz Mann, 2578mP001564
Spitzberg, 2935mP005433, P006622, P006441, P008221, P008233, P008201, P005425, P008214
Spitzflue, 1954mP013991, P013998, P007783, P007788
Spitzhorli, 2737mP006783, P000020, P000382, P005545, P004028, P012353a, P008566, P008568, P003177, P012286, P009987, P010285, P010287, P000921, P010413, P010416, P006791, P001855, P008553, P008540, P013271, P000012, P008559, P006470, P000517, P008595, P009982, P013671, P013680, P000017, P006812, P006814, P013703
Spitzhorn, 2210mP007524, P008458, P007516
Spitzhorn, 2807mP013535, P013998, P013344
Spitzi Flue, 1657mP012942, P012786, P012781
Spitzi Flue, 3260mP008268
St.GermanP012353a, P000921, P006791
Stadt LuzernP000856
StadtarchivP008111, P012255
Stäfeliflue, 1922mP014037, P014032, P008943, P014182, P012171, P012173, P010642, P012125, P007042, P007047, P013802, P007563, P013798, P012181, P007052, P014041, P014151, P014055, P008503, P014283a, P000640, P008681, P010731, P010733, P010705, P001561a, P007241, P010485, P013924, P012088, P012087, P010737, P001454, P001896, P007186, P008857, P014344, P010709, P014218, P014203, P014261, P001391, P012391, P014236, P014207, P009831, P014263, P014253, P014265, P008705, P009191, P009757
Staldeflüe, 2250mP013572
Staldehore, 2262mP013572
Staldhorn, 2463mP010416, P000517
Stampfhoren, 2552mP003661, P007703, P007705, P007706
Stand, 1938mP014302, P008646, P013535, P007431, P007453, P007447, P013993, P014315, P008756, P007204, P007251, P007441, P005100, P007258, P007433, P014306, P007191
Stand, 2191mP013991
Stand, 2320mP008756
Standelstock, 2624mP008221, P008214
Standhore, 2339mP007584, P007204, P014306
Stanserhorn, 1898mP008665, P000640, P008681, P009863, P010731, P010733, P010705, P001564, P001561a, P007241, P006868, P000742, P010737, P014344, P010709, P014104, P014119, P014261, P001391, P010707a, P012394a, P012391, P014256, P009743, P009742, P014263, P014253, P014265, P008703, P008705, P009752
Staudamm MattmarkP007905, P007906, P003953, P003955, P006554, P001072
Stauffenchnubel, 1227mP014037, P014032, P014182, P012125, P013798, P007052, P014151, P014065, P009863, P006868, P006031, P014218, P014236, P008705
Staumauer, OberaarseeP002335, P006275
Stausee MattmarkP003953, P003955, P006554, P001072, P001066
Stecknadelhorn, 4241mP006783, P007905
Stegenhorn, 2821mP008203, P008201, P005425, P008192
Steghorn, 3146mP008646, P008416, P013535, P013993, P013991, P014315, P008756, P013998, P005159, P014306, P007191, P006783, P008566, P008568, P013625, P006791, P013681, P008559, P013671, P013680, P001896, P009771, P009774
Steibenkreuz, 2473mP007363, P000020, P008390, P007347, P007341, P010609, P001361, P004028, P000807, P001362, P001234, P001332, P013271, P001270, P001271, P006807, P000074, P000096, P000017, P013703, P000362
SteigletscherP008123, P008129, P007952a, P008125, P005537
SteilimigletscherP008129, P007952a, P008136
Steinejoch, 2631mP008566, P008568, P013708, P000811, P001177, P013067, P000012, P000774, P001335, P008559, P006807, P000074, P013703
SteinenP007872, P007874, P009743, P009742, P009752
Steingrat, 1521mP000672
Steinhüshorn, 3121mP014283a, P004676, P002419, P008703
Steinigi Matte NordP005159
Steinigi Matte SüdP005154
Steinigi Matte, 2163mP014037, P014032, P007566, P001721, P014182, P009641, P002431, P007331, P012171, P012173, P006991, P014063, P012125, P014061, P013802, P012161, P005846, P007563, P013798, P012181, P007052, P006992, P006993, P012565, P007071, P000682, P001720, P007283, P009031, P014151, P007013, P007061, P014065, P000672, P008646, P008746, P003141, P008416, P000658, P014055, P008665, P007584, P008503, P013950, P000640, P012814, P000623, P008681, P009863, P014315, P000436, P008756, P007204, P007241, P007711, P000431, P000040, P010485, P001434, P004324, P012088, P012087, P007231, P000742, P006704, P007206, P008458, P013890, P007191, P006031, P001454, P007181, P014218, P014236, P014207
Steinlauihorn, 3162mP010485, P003661, P006381, P013192, P006622, P007705, P002427
Steischlaghore, 2321mP007584
SteiseeP008123, P007952a, P008125
Steitalhorn, 3164mP006783, P008056, P002501, P007905, P006791
Stellibodenhorn, 2988mP008203, P008201, P005425, P008192
Stellihorn, 3436mP007905, P007906, P003953, P003955, P006554, P006546
Sternwarte SiriusP008416, P007584, P000284, P012677, P007204
Stierberg, 3507mP005710
Stiereberg, 1882mP007431, P007204, P007206, P007191
StieregggrabeP006592, P001434
Stockeren, 829mP012243
Stockhorn, 2190mP008111, P014037, P014032, P007566, P012195, P012194, P014182, P009641, P002431, P014063, P012125, P007042, P007047, P014061, P013802, P012161, P013543, P012243, P009345, P005846, P001699, P007563, P013798, P007052, P012565, P014041, P009031, P014151, P014065, P000672, P014302, P008646, P007103, P012794, P004551, P006890, P013535, P014055, P007431, P007256, P008665, P009791, P007447, P007445, P013950, P000006, P000623, P008681, P009863, P013993, P013991, P009795, P014315, P008756, P007311, P007204, P007251, P001787, P001790, P013998, P007441, P007241, P006868, P013924, P007258, P014161, P013890, P014306, P007191, P006031, P003326, P013572, P000382, P000811, P006174, P004746, P000096, P000362, P014218, P014261, P014236, P014263, P008705
Stockhorn, 2610mP000020, P006226, P008390, P008391, P007347, P007341, P010609, P008302, P001361, P013708, P000807, P003177, P001362, P001299, P010285, P010287, P005370, P009254, P001177, P005774, P007642, P007640, P007637, P001332, P013067, P013271, P008254, P000774, P001334, P001335, P000517, P009991, P000017, P003905, P013703
Stockhorn, 3532mP008268, P013381, P013384, P004042, P013390, P009236, P013372
Stockji, 2603mP000752, P004054
Stöckli, 2480mP005433, P007931, P006441, P008221, P013641, P004105, P013648, P008201
Stotzig Muttenhorn, 3062mP007931, P008291, P007941, P007943, P006630, P006632, P006407, P008233, P013641, P013652, P013648, P008201, P005425, P008214
Stotzigen Firsten, 2745mP005433, P002460, P002463, P007941, P007943, P006407, P004105, P005429
Stotzigen Firsten, 2752mP005433, P007931, P007941, P005425
Stouffe, 1512mP014055
Strahlegghorn, 3461mP006592
Strahlgrät, 3204mP008391, P013067, P008254, P010448, P001334
Strahlhorn, 3027mP007363, P007341, P004028
Strahlhorn, 4190mP013381, P013384, P001210, P006761, P002501, P007905, P007906, P013375, P013390, P013372
Strick, 1946mP000672, P010731, P010737, P010709, P014218, P010707a, P014263, P014250
Stritungrat, 2729mP006783, P012353a, P008566, P008568, P006791, P008559, P013671
Stubeflue, 2004mP004551, P001787, P012088, P012087
Stucklistock, 3313mP014283a, P004676, P013641, P013652, P013648, P008214
Studberg, 1603mP001564, P001561a, P014218, P009831, P008703
Studerhorn, 3638mP004028, P013703
Stüölweng, 2150mP007956
SubingenP007186, P007181
Südl. BreitlouwenengletscherP008458
Suggiture, 2085mP008746, P008665
Sulegg, 2413mP012263, P007071, P008746, P003141, P013535, P008665, P010499, P000006, P012814, P000623, P008681, P009863, P000284, P009795, P001920, P014315, P000436, P008756, P012677, P007311, P001903, P001905, P001787, P007241, P007711, P000431, P000040, P010485, P001434, P004324, P007231, P005159, P014161, P013890, P006031, P001454, P001896, P007186, P007181, P014218
Sunnberg, 840mP007613, P007331, P005846, P007002, P007283, P007011
Sunnegga, 2288mP001210, P006761, P013372
Sunnenberg, 1171mP008857
Sustenhorn, 3503mP007956, P007563, P013798, P007052, P007013, P010692, P008665, P008503, P014283a, P000640, P000623, P008681, P009863, P010731, P010733, P010705, P004676, P004141, P006868, P007711, P000040, P010485, P010490, P013924, P005159, P008129, P008125, P005537, P010737, P006031, P001454, P013641, P004105, P013652, P013648, P008201, P008214, P001896, P007186, P007181, P008857, P010709, P014218, P014261, P010707a, P014236, P014263, P014265, P008705
Sustenlimi, 3192mP005537
Sustenpass, 2264mP014283a, P008123, P008129, P008136, P008125, P005537
Sustenspitz, 2930mP007956, P008129, P008136, P005537