Directory of the places, , a virtual tour through the Swiss Alps and Switzerland, shows following marked places:

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LocationLabeled on images
Ober Änzi, 1347mP014182, P013798, P003141, P000640, P010705, P006868, P005154, P013890, P014218, P014203, P014261, P014236, P008703, P008705
Ober Gabelhorn, 4063mP008274, P013381, P013384, P001210, P006758, P006761, P013623, P013625, P013375, P004036, P009236, P013372, P013671, P001896
Ober Gurinigel SP001790
Ober Gurnigel, 1548mP012194, P007042, P005846, P014065, P000672, P012794, P004551, P003141, P006890, P008665, P009791, P014082, P000623, P009795, P000436, P007311, P001903, P001905, P000431, P001434, P012087, P007231, P006704, P014161, P006031, P003326, P001454, P009771, P009774
Ober Gütsch, 2380mP005433, P007931, P004105, P008201, P008214
Ober Rafrüti OstP005846
Ober Rafrüti WestP001699
Ober Rafrüti, 1202mP007613, P012171, P008933, P014063, P006975, P014041, P009031, P007061, P014065, P008853, P014218, P014236
Ober Rappehorn, 3176mP008374, P000382, P004054, P010609, P000807, P003177, P001362, P010285, P013192, P006622, P001234, P013271, P000012, P001271, P000774, P002427, P000096, P000017, P003905, P005504, P013703
Ober Rotebüel, 981mP007566, P002431, P008933, P005846, P007563, P006992, P006993, P009031
Ober Tatelishorn, 2962mP005846, P005611, P008633, P007584, P008625, P008627, P014315, P008756, P007311, P000431
OberaargletscherP009976, P007931, P005385, P002335, P006275, P001194, P002427
Oberaarhorn, 3631mP009976, P004054, P007347, P007341, P004028, P006381, P013192, P000340, P007931, P005385, P002335, P006275, P001194, P001334, P002427, P006470, P013703, P013652
Oberaarrothorn, 3477mP005385, P002335, P006275
OberaarseeP009976, P005385, P001194
Oberalppass, 2043mP008233
Oberalpsee, 2029mP005433, P007931, P008233
Oberalpstock, 3327mP001561a, P013641, P004105, P013652, P013648, P007856, P007858, P001896
Oberbauenstock, 2117mP001561a, P014132, P014104, P014119, P012394a, P012391, P007797
Oberberg, 2782mP001561a, P009743
Oberblatthorn, 2756mP006783, P000020, P004090, P008374, P006226, P008390, P008391, P010609, P001361, P013708, P001362, P000811, P010285, P010287, P009254, P001177, P006174, P013067, P001270, P003865, P000774, P001334, P001335, P008559, P006470, P006807, P000074, P009991, P010469, P010468, P010470, P010463, P013703
Oberbüelchnubel, 818mP012125, P014041
OberburgP007425, P007426, P007405, P007001, P007421, P007401
Obere Bielenlücke, 3248mP007943
Obere BreithorngletscherP008458
Obere Feselalp, 2205mP012353a, P008532, P008553, P008559
Obere Scheidegg, 1249mP013804
Oberer TheodulgletscherP013381, P013384, P013375, P013390, P013372
Obergesteln, 1355mP000752, P001841, P006642, P006630
OberöschP009342, P009345
Oberrothorn, 3414mP008268, P008274, P013384, P001210, P006761, P013390, P013372
Obers Tatelishorn, 2962mP007563, P005617, P014306
Obertalstock, 2833mP008123, P008125
Oberwalderblase, 2270mP001841
Ochs, 3895mP012194, P009641, P005846, P007563, P007052, P012921, P012925, P006592, P000735, P000623, P008681, P009863, P004141, P007711, P010485, P010490, P007231, P000742, P005159, P006595, P012929, P013192, P008853, P001896, P014263, P008703
Ochse, 2272mP014302, P014315
Ochsehorn, 2912mP006783, P012286, P010413, P010416, P006791, P008559, P006470, P006807
Ochsen, 2188mP012195, P012194, P012161, P013543, P005846, P007563, P007103, P004551, P006890, P009791, P014082, P009795, P007204, P007251, P001787, P001790, P012088, P012087, P007206, P007191, P013572, P007783, P007788
Ochsen, 2188mmP007786
Ochsenchopf, 2179mP009747
Ochsenkopf, 2179mP001561a, P007856, P007858, P009743
Oeschinenhorn, 3369mP005611, P005617, P008625, P008627, P008756
Oeschinenjoch, 3171mP005611, P005617
Ofenhoren, 2943mP010516
Ofenhorn, 3235mP006783, P003181, P008374, P006226, P008390, P008391, P007347, P007341, P010609, P001361, P004028, P001362, P000811, P010285, P010287, P002318, P010381, P006198, P009254, P001177, P006174, P013625, P007931, P003185, P006791, P001332, P012993, P013067, P001855, P013271, P001270, P008254, P010448, P000774, P001334, P001335, P000517, P006807, P008595, P010469, P010468, P010470, P010463, P000096, P000017, P003905, P005504, P013703, P004105
OfentalP003955, P006554
Oldenhorn, 3122mP013993, P013991, P008756, P013998, P013623, P013625, P006791, P008553, P008559, P009771, P009774, P014332, P008734, P001540, P001544, P007781, P007783, P007788
Oldenhorn, 3123mP007103, P001896
Olmenhorn, 3314mP004028, P006681, P010413, P001855
Oltschiburg, 2234mP008503, P004676
Ortstock, 2717mP001561a, P007856, P007858, P009761
Ostegg, 2710mP006592, P006595
Ostermundigeberg, 732mP012194
Otterbachegg, 847mP008943, P005846, P012181, P012565, P006975
Otzeberg, 698mP007006