Directory of the places, , a virtual tour through the Swiss Alps and Switzerland, shows following marked places:

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LocationLabeled on images
Jakobiger, 2505mP009747
Jänzi, 1738mP010731, P010733, P010737, P014104, P014263, P014265
Jegihorn, 3206mP006783, P008056, P008532, P008055, P002501, P001061, P006791, P003953, P008559, P001066, P013671, P013680
JeizinenP006783, P008568, P006791, P008559
Joderhorn, 3036mP003953, P003955, P001066
Jolihorn, 3202mP012353a
JolitalP008566, P008568, P008559
Jostsee, 2419mP006381, P010387, P006642, P006630
Juchlistock, 2590mP002364, P003661, P010516, P010524, P010526, P009949, P013192, P007703, P007705, P007706, P002419, P007700
Jungfrau, 4158mP012263, P008111, P014037, P014032, P007566, P012195, P012194, P014182, P009641, P007331, P012171, P012125, P007047, P013802, P012161, P013543, P012243, P009345, P007563, P013798, P012181, P007052, P012565, P009031, P007013, P008646, P013774, P008746, P012921, P012925, P007103, P004551, P007524, P008416, P013535, P000735, P008665, P007584, P013950, P000006, P012814, P000623, P008681, P009863, P000281, P013993, P013991, P009795, P014315, P000436, P008756, P012677, P007311, P010731, P010733, P007251, P001903, P001790, P004141, P001564, P001561a, P007241, P007966, P006868, P007711, P000431, P000040, P010485, P010490, P013924, P001434, P004324, P012088, P012087, P007231, P000742, P005159, P006704, P008458, P010737, P013890, P014306, P007191, P006031, P012929, P007516, P007521, P001454, P007347, P007341, P010609, P001361, P004028, P001362, P009254, P013625, P007905, P006470, P000074, P013703, P008853, P001896, P007186, P007181, P009771, P009774, P014332, P008734, P008857, P001540, P001544, P014236, P014265, P008703, P008705
Jungfraujoch, 3454mP007563
Jungfraujoch, 3471mP004028
Jungfraujoch, 3571mP001434