Directory of the places, , a virtual tour through the Swiss Alps and Switzerland, shows following marked places:

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LocationLabeled on images
Iffighore, 2378mP008646, P013334
IllgrabenP012338, P012336, P013623
Illhorn, 2717mP012338, P012341, P012336, P010609, P008566, P013708, P008532, P012286, P000921, P013625, P013632, P013633, P013637, P008553, P013271, P013681, P008559, P013344, P013340, P012897, P013671, P013680, P013703
Illpass, 2482mP013633
Illsee, 2360mP013632, P013633, P008553, P013671, P013680
ImmenseeP009743, P009742, P009757, P009751a, P009761
Inner Rothorn, 3455mP008056, P008055, P007905, P007906
Inners Barrhorn, 3583mP010413, P010416
Inners Läghorn, 2878mP008553
Insel SchwanauP007872
InterlakenP003141, P000431, P006704